Effects Of Running Too Often

Running is a popular sport because it is considered quite easy to do and does not need to pay a lot of money. Also, you can do this exercise anywhere, from the home page, garden, or other places. Running is considered to have many health benefits, such as overcoming digestive problems, neutralizing depression, improving appetite, making sleep more soundly, losing weight, toning leg muscles, and many other benefits. These benefits can be obtained only by diligently running. Running can also be done by people with disabilities who do not have legs with the help of prosthetic limbs. They can leave the wheelchair cushion seat and move freely.

However, behind the myriad of benefits, there are also negative effects that will be caused if you run excessively. Running too much can actually be fatal to health. According to health standards, people only need to run around 30 to 60 minutes per day. If you run excessively, the following negative effects will occur:

1. Bone Damage
A study conducted by British scientists found evidence that excessive running or running far enough distance will cause damage to the bones. This is because the impulse produced is lower and unable to stimulate bone growth even though running activities involve leg movements that hold bodyweight above the ground.

2. Vulnerable to heart attacks
Running does have benefits for heart health. However, if you do this activity excessively, there will be heart disease caused by the entry of free radicals into the body. The effects of diseases caused by free radicals will not be felt directly because it will be felt in the long term.

3. Menstrual Disorders
As you know that running can also burn fat. In fact, fat is one of the important ingredients forming the estrogen hormone. The lack of estrogen hormone, will cause abnormal menstrual cycles.

Activities that are able to provide good benefits for health will also cause negative effects that can interfere with health if done in excess. For that, do the activity in accordance with its portion so that you get more positive effects than negative effects.

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