How To Maintain Cast Iron Teapot

Tea is one of the popular drinks besides coffee which is consumed by many people in all parts of the world. There are even some countries that have special traditions in consuming tea. The good taste and the relaxing effect that tea provides are some of the reasons why this drink remains popular even though it has been widely known for hundreds of years. The drink that can be consumed in all seasons and various temperatures, both hot and cold, also has various variants originating from various regions in the world. But one of the most important tools in making tea is a teapot. One type of teapot that is popular among tea lovers is the cast iron teapot or Teekanne aus Gusseisen.

This type of teapot is in high demand because it will give you a lifetime of use if you get the right treatment. A good way to care for the teapot is to let it cool completely before cleaning after each use. After it’s cold, clean and rinses the pot then cover and with just warm water infuse the entire pot, you don’t need to use detergent or soap. While the pot is still warm, clean the outside by wiping it with a clean cloth. Before replacing the infuser and the lid, make sure the pot is completely dry by turning the pot over and let it air dry. Avoid contact with oil and salt to avoid rust.

If there is rust you do not need to worry because the pot can still be used as usual. The rust on the teapot is very safe and non-toxic, even many people in Japan like the taste of tea that comes from rusty cast iron teapots. However, if rust makes you disturbed, you can clean the area using a soft brush and then soak it with water and used tea leaves. Let stand for 20 minutes then discard and rinse your cast iron teapot. A natural seal will form and prevent rust from re-forming because the rust in the teapot and tannic acid in tea react and then create the natural seal. With proper care, the cast iron teapot can last for generations.

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