New Online Entrepreneurs Must Know This When They Run Their E-Commerce Businesses

Research conducted by GE Capital Retail Bank shows that 81 percent of people research products with search engines before making a purchase. In addition, 60 percent of shoppers visit e-commerce sites that they find in search engines, before finally deciding to buy. On the other hand, before we continue, you might want to make sure that your visitors can access your online store’s page quickly, so we recommend you to use the Fastest Shopify Store themes.

Judging from these facts, of course selling through marketplaces or social media does not promise sufficient brand publication. Instead of using an intermediary platform, you should trade independently with eCommerce websites.

In addition, you have to think about the website from a competitive standpoint. Business competition on the internet is very heavy, especially if the goods or services that you sell are also offered by many other parties.

While you are still trading through the marketplace, many competitors have strengthened their brands with online store sites.

Plus, you need to remember that potential buyers now use search engines to find trusted brands. Before the competition gets tougher, it’s a good idea to start using a website to market a business.

Moreover, many people assume that starting a website is not easy. In fact, the process is not as complicated as imagined.

Finally, before building your first online store site, all you need to do is buy hosting and domain services. Both do not require large funds.

Ecommerce is all trading transactions carried out through the internet. Based on the culprit, there are six types of eCommerce businesses, including business to business and business to consumer.

In addition, e-commerce offers many advantages compared to conventional stores. For example, you are not limited by place and time to run an online store website.

At present, there are also various platforms to support eCommerce businesses, including online marketplaces and social media. However, you are encouraged to also have a website that represents the professionalism of your brand. Moreover, the website is easy to make and it is probable that your competitors already have it.

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