People Must Understand This Before They Build Their Own Air Ventilations

Everyone knows that the house ventilation functions as an air exchange. Unfortunately, there are still many who do not know if making home ventilation must be done with careful calculations taking into account many things, so do not be surprised if many houses feel hot despite ventilation. The word ventilation comes from the Latin word vetus which means air movement. Ventilation can be defined as the process of exchanging the air in space naturally or mechanically. Based on the technique, the ventilation system is divided into two types namely passive ventilation and active ventilation. Additionally, if your air ventilation is very dirty, we suggest you hire a professional vent cleaner from Sears Clean Altamonte Springs.

Passive ventilation is a natural ventilation system because the exchange of air in space occurs naturally without using mechanical equipment. The natural ventilation system in buildings and homes that is most widely used is air openings. While active ventilation or called artificial ventilation, air exchange occurs because it uses the help of mechanical equipment such as fans and air conditioners.

For the sake of understanding more about ventilation, you must first understand the principle of air movement in space. The movement of air in space is caused by airflow from outside the building and airflow between spaces within the building.

The movement of air in space is also influenced by the phenomenon of stack effect where the movement of air in space occurs because of differences in air density. Hotter air has a lower density with upward movement so that cooler air with lower density will fill the space left. Besides the movement of air is also influenced by the wind and the temperature difference between the part that is exposed to the sun with the part that is protected from sunlight.

In short, the ventilation of the house functions as a place for air to get out, creating cool air in the room. Home ventilation also serves to maintain the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the room.

Humans breathe by breathing in oxygen and emitting carbon dioxide. When a house does not have ventilation or has ventilation of small size, it results in the inhibition of the air exchange process so that carbon dioxide levels dominate the air in the room.

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