The Philosophy And Meaning Of Baby Breath Flowers

If there is the right flower to symbolize true love, purity, the sincerity of eternal love, baby breath flowers have that meaning, so it is not strange that these flowers are often used as a bouquet or bouquet at a wedding reception and serve as a complement to the decoration of the event. Baby breath is often used together with roses to have a strong love meaning. Flowers that are widely used are white flowers, although there are flowers that are white with a little pink. This baby breath flower is small and very beautiful and if translated means baby breath, it might be a philosophy which means purity and innocence. In the meantime, if you are a person who simply wants to buy a simple wreaths gift, we suggest you buy a fan wreath and you may check out พวงหรีดพัดลม ราคา first.

Gypsophila paniculata, better known as Baby’s breath, is an ornamental plant originating from Eastern Europe. There are around 55 species of Gypsophila found in Europe, Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean. This plant is included in Caryophyllaceae which is a type of carnation flower. Its natural habitat is steppes, sandy and rocky places, as well as calcareous soils.

This flower originates from Eastern Europe and Central Europe and is spread widely to other countries. This flower is very popular as an ornamental plant, even in Peru the baby breath flower seeds are cultivated and the flowers are used as export flower commodities because there are a lot of florists who use these flowers mainly because of the many requests for weddings.

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